Dr. Yoram Wollman

Function :        Dir., Blood Vessels Research Lab


Department:     The Bruner Institute of Research

                       Affiliated to Internal Department F


Cell Phone:       (972 0 ) 50 40 567 13


E mail:              yoram.wollman@gmail.com 


Research:               In the past ( Tel Aviv Med.Cent ) : NO, Kidney Diseases,

                              Erythropoietin, Brain Tumors (in vitro).


                              In the present : Blood Vessels (BV) Function, Chemical and 

                              Physical Stimuli of BV, Improve BV function by biological

                              Procedure, Overcoming the Blood Brain Barrier by Endoge-
                              nous Agent.


Education               1963-1969 : M.Sc  Microbiology , Tel Aviv University


                              1970-1974  Ph.D. Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Rehovoth



Experience             1976-1978 Post.Doc. Washington Univ., St.Louis,Mo.,USA

                             1993 Visiting Scientist  DkFZ Heidelberg,Germany

                              2008 Visiting Scientist , Tech.Univ.Dresden,Germany


Publications            Eighty ( articles and chapters)


Membership            Israel Society of Clinical Biochemistry +Editor of Journal

                              Israel Society of Nephrology

                              Israel Soiety of Medical Engineering   


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