Edith Wolfson Medical Center


    We would like to introduce the Edith Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, Israel, a qualified partner medical institution for the conduct of clinical trials at the highest standards.

    The Wolfson Medical Center is a public hospital (NGO) founded in 1980, and serves a population of approximately half a million inhabitants in central Israel. The hospital has 670 in-patient beds and another 30 beds for outpatient care.The number of admissions to the emergency room is about 400 a day, such that over the course of the year there are 140,000 such admissions.

    Wolfson Medical Center possesses all services necessary for carrying out clinical trials, including advanced imaging, pharmacy, and laboratory services meeting Israel Ministry of Health and GMP No. EX-012/01standards; specialists of Israeli and international renown; and dedicated research teams include physicians, nurses, and research coordinators, who are GCP- (Good Clinical Practice) qualified and work according to Israeli Ministry of Health guidelines. Most of our research coordinators are accredited as CRAs (clinical research associates).

    Studies are conducted in the hospital in all fields of medicine, particularly in the areas of cardiology, neurology, urology, gastroenterology, diabetes, blood lipids, and more. Centers of excellence of the hospital include: pediatric cardiac surgery, pediatric neurology, stroke hospitalization unit, pediatric gastroenterology, a National Center for Victims of Sexual Assault and Parkinson's disease neuroimaging.

    The hospital’s human studies research ethics committee meets once a month to evaluate ~ 25 new studies, including studies seeking approval for pharmaceuticals, medical accessories, and other medical equipment. Waiting time for study approval is a short; an initial decision can be obtained within 3 days. Research requiring only local approval will be given a go-ahead within a period of a week after a committee meeting.

    Some studies require further approval of the Higher Committee for Research Review of the Ministry of Health. This committee is currently undergoing a reform process to shorten the length of the approval process studies. We join them wherever required to speed up proceedings.

    Our human studies research ethics committee staff is forthcoming, and maintains direct contact with representatives of research sponsors regarding any question or request. We are happy to assist all potential sponsors to make connections between principal investigators and researchers on our staff in order to engender successful cooperation. We are more than willing to complete any feasibility questionnaires that you may receive that are relevant for the execution of clinical trials in Israel.

    Research budgets are reviewed by the hospital’s dedicated financial committee for evaluation and approval.

    Hospital management and the executive director of the Fund for Medical Research consider encouraging research activities to be of the highest importance, and will be happy to facilitate all possible cooperation.

    With best wishes,

    Dr. Yitzhak Berlowitz

    Director, Edith Wolfson Medical Center

    Ms. Iris Lowenstein

    Exec. Director, Fund for Medical Research and Infrastructure and Health Services Development

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